Here’s Why Driverless Cars Will Never Work

BMW's Board members say that cars have the option of choosing life and death and may be the most obstacle to adoption.

Ian Robertson, a member of the Board of Directors of BMW, coach A completely autonomous car is not allowed to walk around the street without human supervision. Imagine a scenario where you have to decide whether a car hits a single person or strikes another. Robertson says.

"What will it do? Go to one newspaper and make sure they are sick at the end and make sure that they should be affected. I guess this situation is allowed. Absent. "

This ethical dilemma can occur in countless circumstances. For example, a car jumps out of a valley or needs to be thrown into a group of pedestrians.

According to Robertson, in certain environments such as expressways where traffic is more dominant, there is a possibility that driverless cars will be allowed. However, he complained about the idea of ​​free movement in a crowded city street. However, this does not prevent BMW from developing driverless technology. Bavaria automakers recently opened an autonomous campus in Germany. The campus was created to develop high-level autonomous vehicles and eventually hires 1,800 people.

Fully autonomous vehicles can constitute pipelines, but in this area study, we return in his way, including autonomous emergency braking where the car automatically hits the wheels when detecting a collision.

Autonomous vehicles have already generated intense debate in the United States. Tesla's "autopilot" function has been criticized even after several deaths in the United States.

Tesla's technology maintains, accelerates, and brakes the position of the track as necessary, but still requires human interaction. The death was due to the fact that the driver did not know the autopilot warning for regaining control and putting his hands on the car. As part of the Uber autonomous driving test, voluntary Volvo is also involved in a fatal accident.

The car hit a pedestrian crossing the road at night. Another test vehicle was hitting red light. Several Australian states have started testing vehicles without drivers, focusing on autonomous shuttles that carry passengers with specific routes.

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