Best horror movies at Netflix in September of 2022

Best horror movies at Netflix in September of 2022

For horror and junkies, always instigate them to spread fearsome movies at the perfect timing that threatens your loved ones. It summarized the most strange, most difficult and horrible movie that can be streamed with Netflix.

Editor's note: This guide contains movies that contain sexually explicit (or loud) languages ​​and images that are not suitable for readers under the age of 18.


Metacritic score: 83 streams from Netflix since September 17

If you do not have the opportunity to catch a witch in a movie, you can eventually check it at home. For the first movie, writer and director Robert Eggers will remove this from the park. Located in New England 's 1600s, the witch obeys a deep religious man living alone near the forest after being kicked out of its Pure Land colony. The performance of Anya Taylor-Joy is absolutely necessary.

House · Next Door (2017)

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In Tabal, this horror film, also called Aval, begins with the romantic style of Bollywood's love affair, and quickly changes its color to a darker, more evil one. He plays a very charismatic Indian actor, Cid Haas, as a brain surgeon who married an interesting new neighbor. Netflix has low budget American horror movies …

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Best horror movies at Netflix in September of 2022

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