How British Airways was hacked

British Airways said he suffered data breach after hackers embed code on baggage storage pages.

With just 22 lines of code, hackers won the UK's largest airline and stole 380,000 data.

However, hackers behind British Airways' data breach left a series of evidence of how major aircraft were subjected to cyber attacks, a researcher at RiskIQ cyber security company said.

A clue could be an attacker could be Magecart, a homogeneous cybercrimeer at the root of a June violation of Ticketmaster UK, says Yonathan Klijnsma, Chief Research, RiskIQ.

Cyber ​​crime groups are a new and powerful threat not only to steal enterprises but to organize millions of customers at the expense of service. Hackers can act alone, but coordinated cyber attacks can affect more people.

FBI announced in August that he arrested three members of the cyber crime group FIN 7 who hacked restaurants like Chipotle, Chile, Albie and got information on more than 15 million people.

Security researchers said in July Magecart "is bigger than any other credit card violation so far."

The hacks of British Airways are as follows.

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How British Airways was hacked

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