How does Silicon Valley celebrate a working day – news

How does Silicon Valley celebrate a working day – news

If you ask a 25-year-old engineer what the working days means, it's a three-day surprise weekend after the summer vacation. Everyone is doing a barbecue at Dolores Park that day. Or it is annual Tahoe trip where everyone can save the university.

Or it is the day we leave because all of us work very hard.

Employees of founders and emerging companies serve an 80-hour labor celebration as the medal of honor, but the conclusion agreement for conference calls at air-conditioned WeWork is quite different from the short-term work conditions in the 1880's . When a working day is born.

For Silicon Valley, we should not celebrate this holiday with beer and hot dog victory, convinced the confidence that the most serious labor problem is behind us. It is to make workplaces and businesses more fair, diversified, inclusive and ethical.

The beginning of bloody bullying

On September 5, 1882, 10,000 workers gathe red at the "Monsters Labor Festival" and protested the severe working conditions of 12 hours a day, 7 days a week to earn a living wage. Survival. Even children 5 or 6 years old work in factories, factories and mines throughout the country.

This all peaked in 1894 when the US Railroad Union started nationwide strikes and paralyzed the country's transportation infrastructure, including postal delivery trains. President Grover Cleveland said that …

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How does Silicon Valley celebrate a working day - news

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