How Microsoft saved Apple from bankruptcy

How Microsoft saved Apple from bankruptcy

APPLE has become the first private company to exceed the market value of US $ 1 trillion, and has built a history.

In other words, the total number of Apple shares in the market is multiplied by the price increase to be over US $ 1 trillion.

According to World Bank data of 2022, it is almost equal to the annual gross domestic product (GDP) of Indonesia, which is more than twice the Belgium. In the Australian dollar, this is $ 1,366 billion.

This is a somewhat arbitrary step, and in some cases, some argue that Apple's stock price may be less than the value of the $ 1 trillion market.

"Of course, I'm proud of Apple, but I do not measure the world by human simplification such as round numbers," Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak talks about this important step.

But it is definitely a remarkable moment, and many people are hurrying this week 's celebration. However, it was not thought that Microsoft's rival Microsoft was not a competitor that could possibly live 21 years ago.

It is well known that Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple in Silicon Valley garage in 1976. But Apple forgot that in 1997 Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Apple's worldwide success over the past decade is behind the iPhone. He has recorded more than one billion sales since the first model was announced by Jobs in 2007.

But ten years ago Apple was virtually impoverished ten years ago to set the stage to announce the most memorable product in the history of mainstream technology. He robbed one third of the staff. And it is about 90 days before collapse and will reveal Jobs later.

And he signed an agreement with the enemy.

Co-founded at the event in August 1997, after unemployment in a company that made a shocking announcement, work returned to its original form.

inside that cable Steve Jobs revealed that he got an investment of $ 150 million (without voting rights) from Microsoft and Bill Gates assured Microsoft will support the Office for Mac product for five years.

With this investment, the company was able to obtain the necessary cash, guarantee of Office support became important as experts rely heavily on Microsoft Office software.

Jobs Gate and Mr. Gates were famous and at the time competing very intensely. And when Jobs released the market there were plenty of jokes and challenges from Apple's unconditional crowd.

Jobs said, "If Apple wants to become healthy and prosper again, Apple has to give up this idea in order to win.

As part of this deal, Apple agreed that Microsoft copied the appearance of Mac OS for Windows and withdrew the lawsuit that made Microsoft Internet Explorer the default browser of the computer.

"Microsoft will be part of the game when returning this company to health," he told the audience.

The more detailed part of the contract, including patent litigation, is a bit more complicated, but the narration (as most of Apple's influence, Jobs influenced) was that Microsoft rescued Apple.

Jobs quoted Gates as immortal on the cover of "TIME Magazine". "Building, Thank you, the world is good.

Since then, Apple has steadily grown.

US technology companies dominate the world market and are currently the five most valuable companies in the United States based on price value.

Behind Apple are owners of Amazon, Alphabet, Google, Microsoft, Facebook.

Focus on Apple's digital content

Compared to competitors, Apple is in a unique position to control the hardware and software of mobile devices. The user's content passes through the App Store and absorbs some of the revenue.

Apple also released a kit that allows developers to create augmented reality experiences on the iPhone and iPad, claiming that "iOS has become the world's largest AR platform."

Besides placing emphasis on artificial intelligence, technology leaders are investing heavily in the enhanced virtual reality as the next big consumer technology.

Apple has decided to compete with Amazon and Google products according to the trend of artificial intelligence and intelligent voice activated speakers.

Virtual Assistant Siri is integrated with more and more Apple devices and the company has the most popular smart watch on the market.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has constantly advertised the company's innovation, which is known for its secrets.

A former Apple engineer last month was charged in California, stealing trade secrets as part of a quiet car self-learning project a few days before California departed.

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