How to add Google Maps to CarPlay in iOS 12

How to add Google Maps to CarPlay in iOS 12

Apple officially adds application support Third-party navigation to CarPlay in iOS 12. For many Apple users, it was an announcement both exciting and underrated WWDC-18.
Although Apple’s Maps is far from being a less polished navigation map, there are still many people who just like Google Maps or Waze better. It’s also somewhat surprising, since Google Maps and Waze are both direct competitors of Apple Maps.

Still, it’s a welcome change. Here’s how to take advantage of it

How to get iOS 12 with third-party navigation support

To use Google Maps, Waze or other third-party navigation apps on your CarPlay interface, you’ll need iOS 12.

For most people, it means waiting until Apple officially releases it in the fall.

Although you can install and use an iOS 12 developer or a public beta, we do not recommend doing so on your main device, of course, if you read this after the launch of iOS 12 (or you will download the beta anyway), then you can continue.

How to add Google Maps, Waze to CarPlay

Typically, CarPlay compatible applications will automatically display on your CarPlay interface.
You just need the compatible application installed on your connected iPhone (although not all applications are compatible).

Steps: To add Waze and Google Maps to CarPlay

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on General.
  3. The n, tap on CarPlay.
  4. Select the vehicle you’d like to sync the apps to. The vehicle name varies by make and model.

  5. At this point, you’ll see a layout of the CarPlay interface on your iPhone. You should also see compatible apps below this mock interface.

  6. Simply tap the plus (+) button on the Waze or Google Maps icons, or any other icons, to add them to the CarPlay interface.

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