How to help Californians with tap water contaminated – News

Karen Lewis knows the problem of water. I am 67 years old living in Compton. In Compton, the water coming out of the tap is dyed brown by metal manganese resembling iron from the old pipe.

Water is supplied from saturated waters of Sativa County, Los Angeles. Districts suffered from administrative circumstances and administrative charges and could not obtain the necessary funds to repair brown water.

Lewis attended a number of community meetings, she was enough, listening to years of explanation. "Nothing has not changed," she said. "They will not change"

Lewis is respected 360,000 Californians A person who can not safely drink the water that flows into the house. This is not a new problem. In Central Valley, in particular, excessive amounts of arsenic, nitrate etc. that may cause cancer and birth defects are contaminating drinking water. In Compton, the cost of repairing pipes is high, many can not afford to buy bottled water, so residents live in perishable brown water.

As a result of Flint's state long-term drought and the famous water crisis, Numerous new solutions are proposed in California.

  • The lawmakers set two separate bills on Friday that seemed to have supported supporters. Under the volunteer MeasuredAlmost all waters of the state …

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How to help Californians with tap water contaminated - News

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