HTC U11 Specifications

HTC U11 Overview

HTC, once a leader in the smartphone market, thrust off 2017 with an all new device with the U series in hopes to renew interest in its smartphones. Gone are the all-metal design and chamfered edges glass is the new sexy.

Last updated on July 26, 2021 10:18 pm

The re’s more to it than that, of a way. Selecting up where the HTC 10 left off last year, the HTC U11 packs in top-end specs, a laser center on sound quality, and a set of AI assistants that should streamline your life. Instead of metal, you get a glass – and lots of it. The complete back of the phone is covered in reflective, mirror-like Liquid Surface glass, which catches the light brilliantly at almost any angle. It’s similar to a pool of water, with entirely different colored layers baked into the glass to create loopy combos that look a lot cooler than the flat colors you’ll find on various phones.

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