Huawei Plans To Launch P40 Globally Next Year

Although the Huawei Mate 30 series is not available worldwide, the Chinese company’s P40 series is expected to be launched worldwide. According to The Information, Huawei will release the P40 series in early 2020 to a global audience.

It is unclear how Huawei would launch the handset globally, given the ban imposed by the United States. Earlier this year, Trump placed Huawei on a list of entities preventing all US companies from working with phone manufacturers. Due to a blockage, Huawei is not able to work with Google. As a result, the company’s phones do not have Google Play services and run a version devoid of Android.

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Huawei may have insider knowledge and knows in advance that the launch of the P40 series will lift the US ban, but this seems unlikely, especially given the lack of rumors. Another theory is that the device could be so similar to the P30 and P30 Pro, with related internal components. If Huawei did so, it would not need a new Google Mobile Services license and could, therefore, use the Google Play services.

However, this would mean that the Huawei P40 would have obsolete interns. Huawei could even launch it with its mobile services, but this seems unlikely given the dominance of the market with Android and iOS around the world.