Huawei Promises Real Flagship Upgrade For Mate 20 Pro

While Samsung uses his Galaxy Note 9 marketing campaign for making fun of Apple, his Android rivals use the same tactics against South Korean society. Clearly, it’s only a clash of words and perspectives, but some consumers are really looking for words, and that’s what these companies really aim for.

Huawei is the new company taking a hit at Samsung and the Galaxy Note 9like the Chinese combined The manufacturer claims to have already provided customers with “real updates“In terms of flagship projects.

We took a leap when we launched the Huawei P20 Pro, we’re all about real upgrades that will make a difference everyday like a triple lens camera with 40mp, 5x zoom and much more. Imagine what will come next…

It is true that neither the name of Samsung, nor that of Galaxy Note 9 is mentioned in the tweet, but the moment chosen by Huawei to publish it is eloquent. I guess we’ll find out soon whether or not Mate 20 Pro will actually pack four rear cameras, as the tweet not so subtly involves.
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