Imagination of Imagine album by John Lennon

Imagination of Imagine album by John Lennon

Last year, the Beatles fans received a remix (not only remaster) of the icon Thug. Peppers · Lonely · Hearts · Club · Band John Lennon 's Best Post Beatles' work "Imagine – The Ultimate Collection" is generously developed by John Lennon' s six – disc set. Scheduled to be released on October 5, remastering version of single CD and double CD, CD resolution download, streaming, LP version of 180 grams is scheduled.

John Lennon: Imagining – The Ultimate Collection

Earlier this week, I was invited to a recording studio in New York and saw several tracks. Highlight was Imagine 's "Raw Studio Mixes", and I was able to listen to the music developed at Lennon' s home studio. Before It is mixed or edited. Even without listening to reverb without reverberation, orchestra · strings, and other works, I literally listened to the goose cry. It seems that I am traveling on time as I attend the session!

The path of imagination session In 1971, it was recorded at the Earth Sound Avant – Garde Studio in Lennon at Titanhurst Park, Berkshire, England. When Lennon was still with his old band, some songs were written like jealous Guy and Gimme Some Truth. The Beatles guitarist, George Harrison (George Harrison) is playing a lot of songs. Therefore, there is something that the entire album will join the Beatles. Lennon's next album never meets the imagination …

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Imagination of Imagine album by John Lennon

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