Intel India Trains 99,000 People In AI

Intel India Trains 99,000 People In AI

Worldwide chip maker Intel announced on Wednesday that he had trained 99,000 developers, students and teachers at Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Indian talent since April 2017.

"We have trained over 99,000 developers, students and teachers since April 2017, and established talents are now available in the country.In India's statement in India.

Philips, Mphasis, worked with Intel as a partner company and customer to strengthen the AI ​​solution on its architecture.

In commemoration of the opportunity, semiconductor companies held a developer conference on this technology hub involving 500 developers, including data science, machine learning, application development, and research experts.

"This conference served as a platform to share updates on real AI applications that would benefit businesses and people," the statement said.

Intel will also accelerate the accessibility of AI tools in all areas and invest in developer training to create the next wave of computing.

"We are committed to training 15,000 AI developers, students, faculty members through training and workshops, but we are committed to training the AI ​​developer, students and faculty members through training and workshops," said Prakasi Marya, CEO of Intel India It exceeds the goal of more than 100 organizations.

Intel has also collaborated with Philips and Mphasis to deploy the AI ​​portfolio in local ecosystems.

Representatives of companies such as Reliance Jio, Flipkart, Airtel, Amazon, Wipro, Microsoft Ventures, IIT Hyderabad deliberate on various aspects of AI on the creation of new sources of revenue from evolution to ethical elements and their impact. did. world.

"The meeting in India is a testimony of local cooperation for the development of artificial intelligence technology and ecosystem," said Gadi Singer, Intel vice president of IAA.

A business group in India showed how to use AI to grow business and form an end user experience. Their ideas and solutions reflect India's great potential to develop AI technology. Intel will also work with Indian developers and emerging companies in India through Academy and AI Builder Program.

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