Intel Upgrades To Fend Off Competition From AMD And Others

The company's data center manager says it plans to upgrade existing chips and combine it with new memory technology to avoid competition between AMD and other companies.

The world's second largest chip maker in terms of profitability is increasingly dependent on the data center market, which is useful for most mobile applications and web applications due to the stagnation of market PCs. However, on July 27, when data center activities missed Wall Street's growth targets, the company's stock price fell 8.5 points.

Analysts expect AMD to support Intel's market share with next year's planned chip launch.

Intel chips have 14 nanometers between the transistors, which can slow down the speed. Analysts say that Intel figures are better than key figures, but AMD seems to have secured the lead of 2021.

In addition, Intel plans to launch a 10-nanometer chip on a PC by the end of 2021 and to introduce a server chip of 2021.

Banynstein analyst Stacy Lasgon said the company, headquartered in Santa Clara, California, where the factory has advertised its ability to manufacture advanced chips over the years has completely lost control of this story . "Sluggish market" rating for Intel shares.

"Since they entered the bed, I must go to bed now," he said on Monday.

Navin Shenoy, Intel's data center and veteran chipmaker director, will announce Intel's plan to Wall Street analysts on Wednesday.

His message states that the data center market expressed expectations for this market and for the first time revealed Intel's revenue in a rapidly growing field like artificial intelligence, it is bigger and faster than previously thought It is that.

Intel must further increase Intel with a 10-nanometer chip, but it will not be shipped in large quantities until 2020. Intel believes that earnings growth will outweigh the overall market growth so far. Shenyang told Reuters communications before the press conference.

Shenoy, who resumed its data center business last summer, said that after the second quarter performance report, he was surprised at the drop in market share at the end of July. "Not long ago people have asked me how to expand the two-digit data center," he said, activity pointed out that the activity increased by 26% in the previous quarter.

Intel's plan is based on the ability to "assemble" processors, processors, memory chips, semi-customizable computer chips, software products. The company also plans to refine the chip to enhance its competitiveness with Nvidia Corp 's products for artificial intelligence services. Shenoy said they would compete with competing systems in terms of cost and computing power.

Intel will install a new memory chip technology called Optane next year in its processor, Intel will spend the past ten years to invent this technology and will acquire a certain capacity. "We are excited, we are starving, we are ready to compete and we are ready to go out.

However, according to analysts, AMD should continue to gain market share next year thanks to chips and small circuits.

Although Intel is lagging behind the chip size, its processor performs better than numbers, so it is unlikely to lose the dominant position in the data center. Dan Hutcheson, Chief Executive Officer of VLSI Research, said by 2020, "It's not like two generations later," Hutchison said. "They are half generations of posterity"

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