iOS 12.1 Beta Code Hints New iPads this Fall

Apple's beta code seems to be the place to get the advice of the next step, iOS 12.1 developer beta 1 will provide further evidence of the new iPad Pro model this fall. This code indicates that a face identifier in landscape mode has arrived. This is impossible on any iPhone.

The new iPad Pro models are thinner glasses, face ID

Steve Troughton – Smith, known for its reliable leakage of new products and features in Apple's beta, iOS 12.1 points to the support of Face ID landscape mode and connection to an external display. He I said On Twitter "Face ID supports landscape orientation (perhaps the iPad only), iOS 12.1 seems to be more concerned about whether an external monitor is connected or not"

He continued I will be careful. The alignment of the face recognition sensor on the iPhone does not work in landscape mode. This gives more credibility to the new idea of ​​the iPad.

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Autumn IPad Pro launch event

Gilhem Rambo 9to 5Mac I found a clue that a new iPad Pro model will appear this autumn. The iOS 12.1 configuration application for the new device contains a line of code containing Onboarding.iPad of 2020 Fall. This confirms that Apple is planning to release a new model within the year.

On the new iPad Pro model, it is necessary to delete more detailed framing and home button like iPhone X and iPhone XS. They support facial identity instead of touch ID, feature a repositioned smart connector, and can drop the built-in lightning connector for USB-C.

Apple has not officially confirmed the arrival of the new iPad model. It seems that there is a high possibility that they are on their way and come here soon.

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