iOS 12 Beta Is Trying To Fix Everything From The Previous Version

The stability of the system has almost always been a major asset for iOS devices compared to their more popular Android rivals, but after an eleventh major version of the software last year who made the headlines with an exceptionally high number of disasters or just super-boring bugs, Apple decided to focus specifically on this area in iOS 12.

Unveiled more than two months ago and we expect the beta tests to be completed in about a month, the latest version of the operating system for iPhones and “modern” iPads has not yet achieved its main goal.
Fortunately, that’s what the Apple development program is for, with the recent disaster iOS 12 beta 7 update canceled before it can reach the “public” channel, and a beta 8 (if possible) much smoother already released for testing.

If all goes well this time, a sixth public beta should follow shortly, although the end is probably not as close as you think for these general preparations for the iOS version 12. Keep it in mind. mind that Apple has released a total of 10 beta versions of iOS developers 11 and 9 public betas before deploying the software update on the masses using the iPhone and iPad last year.

The latest experimental version took place about two weeks before the large-scale deployment of iOS 11 on September 19, and we have reason to expect a similar schedule this fall, based on speculation on this next-generation iPhone trio. Sadly, FaceTime Group the abilities have to wait a little longer.
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