iOS 12 Brings Big Improvements To iPhone’s Portrait Mode

iOS 12 brings a series of important improvements that Apple did not have the opportunity to announce during WWDC preview. According to the developers, one of them is a significantly improved portrait mode for compatible iPhone models.The following images emphasize the impressive difference between portrait photographs taken with iOS 11 and pictures taken with iOS 12.

Portrait mode and optical zooming will be possible with Apple's most expensive iPhone model's secondary camera sensor. In portrait mode (at least on the iPhone) you get a variety of results, but optical zoom is ideal for any smartphone camera.

In some cases, the portrait mode works amazingly and you can get amazing photos with a perfect background blur. However, in most cases, portrait mode is disappointing as it blurs the outline of your subject.

Like other smartphones, Google Pixel 2, I do a much better job. But that could change.

Improved portrait mode on iOS 12

Apple seems to be working on improving the portrait mode of iOS 12. Ben Sandofsky, creator of the Hilogen camera, found that portrait mode has better results than in iOS 11.

As you can see from the picture below, iOS 12 unambiguously identifies the outline of the subject. It highlights individual hair which was almost impossible under iOS 11.

I do not know if Sandofsky was using the camera facing the front or back of the iPhone for these images. We heard the details. Anyway, it is clear that Apple has greatly improved portrait mode. By doing this you can get much better photos.

IOS 12 will be made public this autumn and it is a free update of all compatible devices.

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