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iOS 13 Is Killing Background Apps More Frequently

According to numerous reports posted on Twitter, the community support forums of Apple and Reddit, iOS 13.2 aggressively closes applications running in the background on iPhones.

Besides, MacRumors, one of the first publications to report on the issue, indicates that several members of its community complain of poor management of RAM with iOS 13.1 and iPadOS 13.2.

I haven’t had any problems with closing or latency applications in the background with my iPhone 11 Pro Max. It is possible that the problem only affects older iPhones running iOS 13.2 and having RAM without functionality.

Closing applications in the background can cause users to lose progress if they are in the middle of a task. For example, if you write an email in Gmail, but you have several tasks to perform on YouTube to watch some videos, the old application could be automatically deleted by iOS 13.2, which would make your job disappear.

In some ways, Apple seems to face a fierce battle with iOS 13. While iOS 12 was relatively stable after a series of problems with iOS 11, the tech giant has quickly released bug fixes for iOS 13 since its initial publication end of September. It seems that the focus on new features rather than stability has had the opposite effect on the technology giant.