Apple iPhone 7 Plus Prototype Leaked

iPhone 7 Plus

There had been many rumors about Apple’s iPhone 7, some of them might clear throughout its prototype especially about the availability of headphone jack in the new iPhone 7 and its names like what it will be called Pro or something.

The awaited upcoming release of Apple Inc. will be iPhone 7 which will be referred as iPhone 7 plus. The major difference between iPhone 6S Plus’s prototype and iPhone 7 Plus’s prototype will is its color, and lack of headphone jack.

iPhone 7 Plus has a bluish color which is very unusual for Apple until iPhone 5c which comes in many bright colors, although it is not that bright and does look nice on iPhone 7 Plus. iPhone 7 Plus does not contain any headphone jack, so you have to use Bluetooth earphones or some wireless device instead of simply wired headsets. It thus includes dual speaker grills. The size of iPhone 7 Plus is pretty much similar to the iPhone 6S Plus except iPhone 7 Plus looks a bit thinner than iPhone 6S Plus.

iPhone 7 Plus camera contains a dual lens system which wasn’t available on iPhone 6S plus, which ensures that iPhone 7 Plus will have a better camera than its previous version.

Last year Apple acquired camera technology from LinX, the dual-lens incorporates a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens because of that the camera will be able to take two separate images, or use one lens to shoot video and other to take pics. More impressively, the camera could also implement LinX’s technology to stitch it all together into one bracing image.

It also contains docking contact at its back which will probably interface with accessories like wireless charging or may be a keyboard dock or a modular camera attachment, or maybe something else.

The antenna layout which comes across on iPhone 6S plus back has been removed from the back of iPhone 7 Plus and goes around the edge which complements its design.


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