iPhone Provider Sees Increase Face ID Orders Ahead New Devices

iPhone Provider Sees Increase Face ID Orders Ahead New Devices
One of Apple 's manufacturing partners has enjoyed a significant increase in revenue due to the increased number of order ID component orders.As Apple prepares the new generation of iPhone and iPad early on, Lumentum's vertical cavity radiation laser (VCSEL) is an important component of the flood illuminator and spotlights in the iPhone X.Apple purchased most of VCSEL from Lumentum, LCS was expected to generate revenue of $ 287 million in the June quarter. However, thanks to increased orders, the company realized $ 301 million and expects a new acceleration of order volume.

According to Lumentum's report, many new Apple devices will be equipped with Face ID technology.

Face ID will expand its range of 2022

Face ID is only for iPhone X at the moment. The scope of the rest of Apple's smartphone and its iPad are still dependent on Touch ID. But this year it will change as Apple offers a larger screen for more parts of the product this year.

Without the space for the Touch ID sensor, the three iPhone models planned for this fall and the next generation iPad will be upgraded to Face ID. This will explain why Lumentum is seeing a significant increase in component ordering.

"At the end of the June 18 quarter, the company began shipping large quantities to major customers (aka Apple) that exceeded management expectations," Wolf Ventures reports.

More importantly, the company continues to anticipate a significant increase in order volume on September 18 and December 18.

Demand for iPhone X remains healthy

Some of these VCSELs are for Android devices that are trying to keep up with iPhone X face recognition technology. However, the majority is thought to end up with a new Apple device.

According to Lumentum's findings, it is suggested that demand for iPhone X is still healthy as it approaches the first birthday. Since it was launched last November, this device is Apple's selling smartphone and it is highly likely to become The Best dog until new devices come out next month.

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