IPhone release of 2022, iPhone SE 2 and Apple Watch

IPhone release of 2022, iPhone SE 2 and Apple Watch

Rumors about the iPhone are emerging.

This week's iPhone rumor has given a new life to the possibilities of the iPhone SE Suite inspired by iPhone 7. In addition to confirming the arrival of Apple, new fast charge function dedicated to iPhone X Plus report I also heard about clock series 4.

iPhone SE 2 can be an improved iPhone 7

A passage of Apple's XCode development software, Presence of a new iPhone with similar specifications Like the iPhone 7 of 2022.


In the past rumors, it was suggested that there is a notch in iPhone SE 2.

According to Guilherme Rambo of 9to 5 Mac, the section of code contains "iPhone xx" with A10 processor and P3 range display, iPhone X Notch or Face identifier. This year's iPhone X Suite including iPhone X Plus and 6.1 inch LCD model will include its own A12 chip and second generation face ID. So it is highly likely that the code here points to the iPhone SE 2. Apple's iPhone budget Fans expected at the beginning of this year.

The iPhone X Plus can disconnect the code so that it can be charged quickly

There are rumors that Apple is adding high speed wireless charging to this year 's iPhone, but only one of the three models may be expected to get it. According to the report of China Times summarized by Mr. Forbes this week, X-rays of the iPhone X Plus with a new charging coil that enables this function are posted.

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IPhone release of 2022, iPhone SE 2 and Apple Watch

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