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iPhone XS is stronger, but certainly not unbreakable

According to Apple, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are using the most powerful glasses on smartphones. But is it strong enough?

The new test revealed that Apple's device is more difficult than conventional devices, but it is still not decipherable. When dropping one to the sidewalk, this will almost certainly bring expensive repair costs.

Apple's new iPhone series does not fundamentally differ from iPhone X at first glance, but there are some subtle design improvements to make it more robust. In addition to more tolerant glass, both iPhone XS and XS Max are IP68 resistant to dust and water.

Do you need to protect your investment with $ 1,000 +? definitely.

iPhone XS needs to be handled carefully

SquareTrade tests iPhone XS and XS Max through several sustainability tests to determine exactly how stronger it is than previous ones. The result is not that surprising.

As Apple promised, the new range is more resistant to water and can withstand beer. After being immersed in 138 boxes of Pabst Blue Ribbon for 30 minutes, the two phones kept functioning perfectly.

If your iPhone XS landed on the ground instead of your pint, there may be a problem. SquareTrade suppression test proved that both devices were damaged for the first time when they flat on the back. Stainless steel frame keeps things together as you sit on both sides.

Jason Siciliano, SquareTrade vice president, says: "It is much more powerful than the iPhone X which is the predecessor of the iPhone Xs Max, but like the iPhone X, the all-glass design of iPhone Xs and Xs Max is the most common cause of damage, cracks, It is very sensitive.

Expect expensive repair

If you destroy iPhone XS or XS Max, there will be no charge for repair. The screen replacement cost is expected to be about 399 dollars and the repair cost will be 599 dollars.

Given that "599 dollars was the cost of the first expensive version of the iPhone, repair costs were taken into account when buying a new iPhone," Siciliano added. "This is a beautiful cell phone.

SquareTrade Splits iPhone XS scorecard.
Photo: SquareTrade

As usual, the decent case is for those who are releasing the iPhone from home.

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