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iPhone XS vs. iPhone X: A complete list of everything new in Apple’s next-gen iPhone

Apple's new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max finally came after a week's leak and rumors and a weekly pre-order. Two thirds of Apple's of 2020 lineup is sold on Friday, Apple fans around the world are unwilling. Millions of people will receive the new iPhone this weekend. Indeed, Apple plans to sell more next-generation iPhones over the weekend than most models of current smartphones are sold for lifetime. Some analysts believe that iPhone sales may be as high as 2014 when Apple released iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

iPhone XS Max seems to be the most promising new iPhone model this year. Understanding the reasons is easy. iPhone XS Max can compare with iPhone 6 Plus. The waiting time is not so long, but some people want a device that looks like iPhone X, but the screen is much larger. After all, the diagonal on the screen of iPhone X may be 5.8 inches, but the aspect ratio is very narrow, so the surface of iPhone X 5.5 inches or more is less than Apple mobile phone.

iPhone XS Apple may not be as successful as iPhone XS Max, but it is clear that it will be one of the most popular smartphones among smartphones released this year. This is also one of Apple's smallest upgrades compared to the iPhone X. Of course, iPhone XS models the iPhone for those who upgrade every two years, so of course it does not apply to iPhone X owners. Still, it is difficult to compare iPhone XS and iPhone X perfectly. Many people are wondering whether the upgrade is sure.

People seem to be caught in the fact that iPhone XS has not really new features compared to last year's iPhone X. In fact, this is the first update "S" since iPhone 3GS. For iPhone 4, Siri, Touch ID was 5, iPhone 6 was equipped with 3D Touch. Compared to iPhone X, iPhone XS is mainly a specification update.

We are already not for owner of iPhone X, but we are sure that we are waiting for iPhone X to switch to iPhone XS. You will find a complete list of all the important differences between last year's iPhone X …


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