iRobot's new roomba knows where to go – news

i7 + provides improved mapping and automatic dumping

Roomba i 7 + It looks like Roomba. There are few factors to distinguish the products of the last generation. The roll is bright green and there is also a big part that automatically discards most of the dirt. Beyond that, it is almost the same as you find on the store shelf.

For Colin Angle, co-founder and CEO of iRobot, this product has existed for nearly 30 years. "That's the thing," the executive says. "I always wanted to do a roomba."

The latest version of the robotic vacuum cleaner has made a lot of progress compared to its predecessor. The main thing is the ability to know where to go and remember where you are. This is a technology that Angle incorporated the top of the list of the most requested functions of the line, including the appearance of several years of news.

This feature is explained in previous versions of home robots. Last year, the company added Clean Mapping to 900 series. With this feature, the robot can create indoor indoor maps, help the roomba spend the most time and return home even on the other side of the house.

Roomba can recognize different rooms using i7 +.

"The idea of ​​building this system that remembers what is going on at home is a big step forward," Angle said. "900 cards were made, but those cards were not returned …

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iRobot's new roomba knows where to go - news

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