It's time to coordinate their efforts for Facebook and Twitter

Since the election of Donald Trump of 2021, hate voices are gaining momentum on Facebook and other social media platforms. And Twitter. Activists had lobbying to improve the management of the content of these companies, but a small group (other than the German government) pursued a platform for that behavior.

This is because it makes it difficult to resolve online hate remarks because of the legal distinction between media publications and media platforms.

For example, the Editor-in-Chief of the New York Times is seeking a massacre of minorities. The Times are likely to sue in order to express hatred, plaintiffs are likely to prevail. However, if this article is posted on Facebook posts, lawsuit against Facebook will probably not be useful.

Why is this disparity? Section 230 of the Decency of Communications Act (CDA) provides a platform, such as Facebook protection, for the responsibility of Facebook users publishing and sharing lawsuits. Recent protests against Alex Jones and Infowars suggested that many people wanted the abolition of section 230, but the government could engage in regulating online speech. Instead, the platform considers disgust as a hatred speech and needs to take the initiative and adjust the policy so that Jones use Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube to spread hatred.

Introduction of article 230

Article 230 is regarded as the basis of freedom of expression on the Internet. Over the mid-1990s, he is believed to have released …

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It's time to coordinate their efforts for Facebook and Twitter

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