Japan will conduct a first trial as part of the space elevator project

Japan brings us closer to the space elevator.

Erronsk I might not believe in the space elevator However, Japan is taking a step forward to realize the dream of traveling in space with a lift instead of a traditional rocket.

A team of researchers at Shizuoka University such as Shizuoka University is supposed to conduct the first test in space this month as part of the landing work. The space elevator carries people and cargo to an elevator cabin that essentially moves on a cable connecting the earth to the space station.

This test is a test that first checks the movement of the container on the cable over the space. Two tiny 10 cm satellites connected by a wire of about 10 meters in length are sent from the Tanegashima Space Center in Kagoshima to the International Space Station on September 11.

From the re, the connected satellites are fired, a motorized container functioning as an elevator booth scans the cable and records its path via the camera attached to the satellite.

Project technical advisor, Japanese construction giant, Obayashi Industry are working on a similar project, but he already said he is planning to provide space …

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Japan will conduct a first trial as part of the space elevator project

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