Justice Department, North Korea's Wanacrey, Sony's Hacking

An official of the Justice Department said Park Hy Hy was North Korea's Wanacrey and Sony's hacking of 2021.

The Legal Department appealed computer programmers of computer crime in the past four years, including Wanna Cry Ransomware 's attack of 2021 and Hacking Sony Pictures 2014.

On Thursday, DOJ accused Park Hy Hy (Park Jin Hyuk), a computer programmer from North Korea, depicting conspiracy of fraud and computer abuse and accusing computer fraud as conspiracy. This case is related to WannaCry's transcripts with hundreds of computers at hospitals, universities and banks and a massive attack against Sony that complained about $ 81 million in robbery in Bangladesh of 2021.

Sony's attacks are related to an interview movie "The Interview" between Seth Rogen and James Franco, a comedy depicting an attempt to assassinate President Kim Jung-eun ing.

In retaliation, North Koreans released thousands of emails between Sony officers, including personal information of employees and celebrities, and shot the most hurt in American companies. This attack also paralyzed the company's IT infrastructure.

WannaCry attacks block more than 300,000 computers in 150 countries and urge victims to pay ransom …

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Justice Department, North Korea's Wanacrey, Sony's Hacking

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