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Latest California Apple store robbery caught on video

On the first major Apple Store flight since the arrival of the new iPhone, some people were flying to Santa Rosa and the suspects were arrested.

In the Apple Store in Santa Rosa, California, in a similar flight in California, some of the men stole items from the display table before attending. But this time, the audiences took both aircraft and suspects threatened by security guards and civilians.

A viewer who uses the name of the online user "Gooneryoda" takes a video, Later to edit on Twitter, YouTube and Reddit.

"I was at Santa Rosa Plaza but I saw six men wearing jeans and sweatshirts heading to the Apple Store and registered that they knew something fell," Apple's r / subreddit Gooneryoda wrote it. Video of a suspect entering the store:

After that, the user wrote a second video showing that one of the suspects was under control, struggling on the ground, two men wearing two uniform officers and ordinary clothes went to the mall's It seems to be a different part):

At a later date, the Facebook page of the Santa Rosa police station reported that "Some thieves entered the Apple Store at Santa Rosa Plaza Mall and ran away with some devices."

There are dozens of flights to Apple stores throughout California this year and at least two teams have been arrested. Airfields were often filmed with store security videos, but rarely recorded by live passers by live performances. The same Apple Store at Santa Rosa Plaza was stolen at the end of August and the thief stole the $ 35,000 worth of goods.

Law enforcement information source of contact AppleInsider It is unknown how many teams are working in the past few weeks and whether they are connected. Lieutenant Robert Bol of the Burlingame Police Station said that there is a copy effect in the workplace.

"They will know how easy it is when news plays the video," he said. AppleInsider.

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