Apple’s New of 2022 LCD iPhone Could Start At $699

Apple's New of 2022 LCD iPhone Could Start At $699

As every year, this year’s iPhone models will be among The Best smartphones that consumers will be able to buy during the Christmas quarter and some of the most sought-after devices. Everyone agrees that Apple will launch three new devices next month, just like last year, because several reports from strong independent sources all said the same thing. Now, a new research note gives us more details on the kind of specifications we can expect from iPhones of 2022 – as well as their cost.

Unlike last year, the three new iPhones will all have the same design. These are all-screen iPhones with notches that are compatible with face recognition, and that’s exactly what the TrendForce report says.

In a new research note sent to News, the market research firm says that two of the handsets will be top-of-the-line models, the successor to the iPhone’s 5.8-inch iPhone X and the iPhone X Plus 6, 5 inches, both with OLED screens. The 6.1-inch iPhone will instead have an LCD screen, a cost-saving measure intended to offer buyers a cheaper device resembling an iPhone X.

Apple’s suppliers have been assembling OLED models since mid-July, with the LCD version scheduled for mass production in mid-September. All three models are expected to be delivered in September and October as planned, notes TrendForce. It is likely that the LCD model will begin to be commercialized in October.

The LCD model will include Face ID support and support for two SIM cards and will be priced around $699, which will make the design of this iPhone X much more affordable than the original model. Ironically, Apple’s new most affordable iPhone model could come just a month after Samsung launched its most expensive flagship phone, the Galaxy Note 9, which costs $1,000 or $1,250 depending on capacity. desired internal storage.

The high-end of 2022 OLED iPhones will have extra RAM, with up to 4 GB of memory. The Plus model should also offer dual-SIM support in some markets. Prices should start between $899 and $949 for the small model and about $1,000 for the Plus version. Storage options should start at 64 GB for all models and go up to 512 GB for OLED phones, as shown above.

The report does not mention the details of the camera, but previous reports indicated that the LCD iPhone would have a single-lens main camera, while OLED versions would have a dual lens camera like the original iPhone X. finally supports the Apple Pencil with the iPhone, although it is difficult to know if it will work with all models or only OLED versions.

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