Lego Mini Figure 40 Turn: See how small numbers evolved

Lego figures are 40 this week.

Lego statuettes will appear in all shapes, sizes and letters. Disney, Star Wars, DC, Harry Potter – In these worlds, many characters are appearing.

Minifigure itself is 40 years old on Wednesday and Lego released a timeline featuring the story of Minifigure on Tuesday (click to expand from the desktop browser for detailed review) in order to begin celebrating early.

The 40-year history of Lego · Figurin.

Minifigure itself made its debut in 1978. Unlike previous attempts, there were both mobile arms and legs. In the past, the character of the building of LEGO was made of square LEGOLENGEN with only movable arm, or it was a static figure which could not be laid.

In early childhood, there were 20 types of figures such as police officials, doctors and astronauts. Currently there are more than 8,000 mini figures, many of which include Luke Skywalker, witch and magician in Harry Potter world, all kinds of superheroes.

And if you want to know how toys are made, Lego has released a video integrated on the DirksBrickLand YouTube channel. This shows the production of Minifigure including the head and body of the toy.

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Lego Mini Figure 40 Turn: See how small numbers evolved

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