Logitech Brings Accessible Hardware Kit To Xbox For Gamers

Logitech unveiled a new “Adaptive Gaming Kit” featuring 12 buttons and triggers compatible with Microsoft Accessibility, Xbox Adaptive Controller. One of the key features of Adaptive Controller is the fact that it supports a wide variety of third-party entries, from which the new Logitech kit takes full advantage.

Correctly, the Logitech buttons can be connected to the 3.5mm jacks of the Adaptive Controller, while the triggers connect via USB. These can then be mapped to different controller functions to play games on Xbox One or PC.

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To develop this kit, Logitech reported working closely with Microsoft’s comprehensive technical lab and accessibility groups such as The AbleGamers Charity, Abilities Research Center on Mount Sinai, and SpecialEffect. The Adaptive Kit will go on sale on the Logitech website and in the Microsoft Store later this month for $ 99.99.