Microsoft Joins Apple And Other Retailers To Support Disney’s “Movies Anywhere”

Microsoft will be the latest showcase for movies participating in Disney Anywhere and can view the video content purchased from an online store such as iTunes or Amazon through the Microsoft Movie & TV application for Xbox One Game Console and post Windows workstation can.

With the help of Movies Anywhere, confirmed by Microsoft, users with Microsoft accounts can link to Movies Anywhere. Once linked, all videos already available through Movies Anywhere can be accessed from Microsoft applications and the video content purchased from Microsoft's digital storefront can be viewed from other digital retailers.

Disney & # 39; s Movies Anywhere is a multi-platform content rack designed to store movies produced by Disney, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Bros. You can see from Amazon Video, Vudu, the video platform from other retailers, or through the standalone application Movies Anywhere.

This service also works for purchasing physical disks that contain many Blu-ray and DVD versions, including digital copy code for movies.

By adding Microsoft to the list of retailers, users can purchase movies at their store for Windows and Xbox gaming consoles and view them on other platforms, including iTunes with iTunes and various decoders I will. And vice versa, movies purchased from iTunes and other stores can be viewed through Microsoft's ecosystem.

According to Microsoft's Web page, because of the service, movie rental and TV programs can not currently be used anywhere in the movies. Movies purchased on Windows operating systems older than Xbox 360, Windows Phone, or Windows 10 may take up to 24 hours to appear in the Movies Anywhere account.

Currently, Movies Anywhere is only available in the United States.

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