Microsoft Launches ‘Your Phone’ To Connect Android Phone To Windows 10 PC

Microsoft Launches 'Your Phone' To Connect Android Phone To Windows 10 PC

The tech giant on Wednesday launched Your Phone, a service it tests with Windows Insiders that allows you to transfer wireless content between your Android phone and your Windows 10 device. transfer content between your devices, that is, once it adds new features.

To access your phone, you need to download the application for your computer on the Microsoft Store. A complementary application that works on your Android device is available in the Google play store. Once these are configured and linked, you will be able to transfer your content.

For the moment, however, the application is somewhat limited. Your phone is only available to sync your photos between Android and Windows 10. So, if you want to send files or share music between devices, you will not be lucky. And there is no indication on your phone list in the Microsoft store when this feature is available.

However, if you want to transfer photos, the process is quite simple. Once you start the application on your Windows 10 computer, you need to sync it with your Android phone in your phone’s application or windows settings pane. In doing so, you will see your recent photos and can drag and drop them between your devices.

Your phone was unveiled at the Microsoft Build conference in May. The photo sharing was mentioned during the presentation, but Microsoft spent a considerable amount of time also praising the application’s ability to read text messages from both Android and Windows. He also discussed the possibility of getting your Android push notifications on your computer. For now, these features are not available. And it’s hard to know when – or if – they will go to operating systems.

However, if you want a better connection between Android and Windows 10 in the hopes of creating an even stronger link with more features in the future, now is the time to download Your Phone.

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