Microsoft Shows A Dark The me That You Can Expect This Fall

Microsoft Shows A Dark The me That You Can Expect This Fall

The latest version of Microsoft's Windows 10 shows the new dark theme of the file explorer that brings to the next version of Windows 10.

The Windows 10 internal representative of Microsoft's high-speed preview program needs to refer to the dark mode function in the latest preview called Build 17733 in the Redstone 5 branch. This will be released around October.

This release shows what Windows 10 users can see when this version of Windows 10 is released.

Microsoft's Dona Sarkar and Brandon LeBlanc says: "In Build 17666 we started a journey by incorporating a dark theme in File Explorer and today's release shows what we achieved in this release.

Microsoft, the new version, "latheSelect "d" theme "t" from file explorer. Source: Microsoft

If you want to see the new Dark theme in File Explorer, you can do this by going to Settings> Customization> Colors and selecting the "Dark" option in the "Choose your application mode" section.

The dark mode of file explorer was possible from the overview so far, according to Microsoft, it was one of the main requests from fans.

Dark themes were prepared for Windows 10 for a while, but it was not enabled in File Explorer. He recently introduced features as well.

Windows 10 entered dark mode with birthday update, added to file explorer, but MacOS users will receive it immediately. Please update Mojave which will be released later this year.

As Microsoft explained in the blog, it was not possible to change the dark mode to File Explorer for traditional components.

"The file explorer contains a traditional UI infrastructure that does not automatically connect to this infrastructure," the file explorer was a completely different beast compared to modern Windows.The dark mode is It is very easy to apply to the latest Windows XAML components Microsoft

"File Explorer literally innovated to provide a dark theme for the legacy part of the shell, and it seems like breaking many application experiences (such as darkening the text in non-readable applications) just by changing the file explorer It was necessary to pay attention to.

Microsoft also made a number of fixes to the Text Read Narrator feature with this update. Previously, I could not access the pictograph on the touch keyboard, and after shooting an image using the keyboard I could not say "selected".

I hope you like the news Microsoft Shows A Dark The me That You Can Expect This Fall. Stay Tuned For More Updates!

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