Microsoft’s Chromium-Based Edge Browser To Launch On January 15

The updated version of Microsoft, based on chrome, will be released early next year with a new logo, etc. The company based in Redmond, Washington, is aiming for a release date for January 15, with availability for Windows 10, 8 and 7, as well as for macOS.

In addition, the company has implemented a “seaworthy” version of the browser currently available on the Edge Insider website. The candidate version for publication should include most of the final work that will be incorporated into the stable release in January. To access it, you must download the latest version of the beta channel (version 79.0.309.11).

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This is the “version” candidate, and any subsequent updates for the browser are snapshots of the stable release. In addition, if you search for the new logo that Microsoft revealed this weekend, you will not find it in the candidate version yet. All of this comes just months after Microsoft released the beta version of Edge and the promise of a full version in early 2020. The new build-ready version includes support for password synchronization, history, favorites and settings on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.

Plus, it includes Microsoft integrated tracking protection. It is enabled by default. The new Edge is also heavily business-oriented. It will allow users to search for colleagues, office locations, floor plans, and company acronym definitions in the address bar. This is part of Microsoft Search in Bing, which is integrated with Edge. However, those who want to use other search engines can easily change it in the settings.