Mobile Becomes Main Banking Channel In Brazil

According to Brazilian central bank statistics, the first mobile Internet banking in Brazil is deprived of mobile channels.

According to the retail settlement statistics and the map of Brazil, bank transactions by 2017 smartphone and tablet was about 24.5 billion, 46.7% increase from 16.7 billion in the previous year.

Internet banking transactions (20.6 billion) increased slightly compared to 2016 when 20.3 billion transactions were recorded via this channel. According to the central bank report, the transaction at the branch will be from $ 8.9 billion to $ 8.1 billion of 2021.

The main factor behind the adoption of mobile banking is the increased penetration rate of smartphones. According to the forecast by think tank and Brazilian university Fundação GetúlioVargas (FGV), the number of Brazilian smartphones, in agreement with the growth of the population from here 2022, should reach 236 million.

Also in Brazil 4G supply improved. According to OpenSignal, a consulting firm, it ranked 42nd in the ranking of 77 countries posted in the LTE State Report of 2021. Brazil ranked 52nd of 2021. In addition,

Source: Zdnet

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