Motorola P30’s Leaked Images Reveal Every Single Key Selling Points

Just a few days ago, Motorola took the cat out of the bag by listing the P30, P30 Note and P30 Play on its official Chinese website, but even though the Lenovo-owned company has not revealed any product images, we already know precisely how these phones are supposed to look.

The rumor of going to China tomorrow, August 15, at a press conference where the Moto Z3 should also expand from the United States to the world’s largest smartphone market, the Motorola P30 has virtually become an open book after an even more detailed leak.
A whole bunch of posters and promotional images have been discovered on Chinese social media, but do not worry, because the P30 family could also see the light on Western markets under the Motorola One first name. Since iPhone X-the similar design was not a secret, let’s focus on the specifications and features that have been disclosed today, starting with AI’s enhanced 16 + 5MP dual-sided cameras. This looks like a solid imaging setup for a device that would cost just 1,999 yuan, which equates to around $290.

While the entry-level configuration is likely to combine 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage, a slightly more expensive variant is expected to increase the local digital storage room to 128GB. The difference between the Motorola P30 Note and the “normal” model is not clear, although a larger screen and a larger battery are obviously our safest bets.

Of course, the P30 is far from small, at 6.2 inches diagonally, with a 19: 9 aspect ratio and FHD + resolution. But its 3000 mAh battery seems a little disappointing, especially with a number of performance-enhancing and game-friendly optimizations highlighted in these new materials.

For what it’s worth, Motorola seems to bite a device with a gigantic 5000 mAh battery on Weibo, and the Moto Z3 contains a modest 3000 mAh cell.
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