Mozilla hired a former Google manager as a new policy and security manager – news

Mozilla Former Department of Commerce Department Alan Davidson was appointed to lead the world politics.

Firefox browser said Tuesday former employees overseeing Internet policy and cyber security towards the end of Obama's term of office will return Mozilla to a new position last year as a technical policy expert. Mr. Davidson also served as CEO of Google as a location hunt for search giants during the 2011 catastrophe and later as director of the New American Open Technology Institute.

In this new role, Davidson is in charge of Mozilla's policy, reliability, security work such as compliance, security, investigation. According to Mozilla, it said that it will include the company 's ongoing efforts to protect the open web, including promoting Web standards, network neutrality, and user privacy.

Davidson said he will "gladly" join the major browser, and report it to Mozilla's chief operating officer, Denel Dixon.

"With doubts about the impact of technology on life and seeking leadership of organizations such as Mozilla, Alan will add significant capacity to public policy, trust, security, and open digital economy," Dixon He says.

Browser makers are aggressively working to open data and double the privacy function in recent years.

Last week, Mozilla made public of Firefox 's user data and tried to make the collection of telemetry data more transparent. Recently, the company …

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Mozilla hired a former Google manager as a new policy and security manager - news

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