Myanmar arrests Reuters journalist who discovered military atrocities – News

As long as you are not in Myanmar, reporting information is not illegal. The Southeast Asian countries this week sentenced two Reuters journalists to imprisonment for seven years in response to a search report reporting the atrocities of the army against Rohingya's Muslims.

Walloon and Ky So · o · o, Both Reuters The staff has been detained since December. They were arrested in possession of an official government document handed out by police members as part of the investigation. This violates the law on the formal secret of the colonial era, which prohibits civilians from accessing government information.

Historical decisions are ridiculed all over the world. Critics say that a journalist in Reuters is an example because he found a cruel story about the army who stayed in Myanmar for nearly 50 years until the election was called. of 2021

In recent years, ethnic tensions to the Rohingya tribe of Myanmar have increased global consciousness, but little is known about the role the military played in both tension and blatant atrocities. According to the report of Reuters, the duo explained in detail the military members and the Buddhist villagers who killed 10 Rohingya men in the coastal village.

"Today's horrifying sentence sentenced two innocent men to sentences behind the bar in a few years.War Lawn and Key So Oh are facing years of imprisonment.

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Myanmar arrests Reuters journalist who discovered military atrocities - News

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