Nautilus can see your live marine expedition

Nautilus can see your live marine expedition

There are cameras and cameras, but will they take you to the ocean floor? No it is not. But Nautilus does that.

Nautilus is a survey vehicle operated by the Ocean Exploration Trust, a nonprofit founded by Robert Ballard, one of the people who helped us. Titanic. He has conducted scientific research and is offering live video and audio streams to us who have not come. This year I will move from British Columbia to the Hawaiian Islands and west of North America. Currently, he is exploring Lohi Sea Mount, an active submarine volcano near Hawaii. After that, we will head to the Papa Anamokkua Care National Maritime Monument, one of the largest protected areas protected by the United States.

There are three flows, and even when the ship is on the deck, you can see what the explorer sees sometimes at the depths of the ocean.

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Nautilus can see your live marine expedition

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