Neo Geo mini review: incomplete arcade

Neo Geo mini review: incomplete arcade

Before tackling the enormous and huge problem of Neo Geo Mini, please tell me how wonderful it is. I forgot the Xbox One X. Neo Geo SNK is a real luxury console, sold for $ 650 in 1990 and games from $ 150 to $ 300. each. It was developed with the goal of realizing a high-end arcade game that does not allow compromise, technically far surpassing the era such as SNES and Genesis.

In this story, it is worth having fun while enjoying the neo · geo · mini in the context. Here is an all-in-one system designed as a mini-arcade cabinet, 40 classic board games are all cheaper than one Neo Geo cartridge . What I can say is that if I got a choice of iPhone or Neo Geo Mini for the specific purpose of returning in the mid 90's and shocking me, I have not chosen the iPhone It is that.

The choice of the game is not for anyone, but the story of SNK is also not common. Of the 40 games, 25 are 2D fighter planes, 10 King of combatants Title executed by Neo Geo Arcade hardware, three Samurai showdown Game, first Battle technology4 people Fatal anger Games including eternal classics Garou: Wolf's brand. In other places, side scroll shooter game Metal slag 1 to 3, like shmups Burning star And Sprite of a shining star. This is a wonderful collection of some for the Best pixel art and animation hardcore arcade action games …

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Neo Geo mini review: incomplete arcade

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