Best Netflix documentary of September of 2021

The original documentary and documentary of Netflix recently released him from the park. Netflix not only won The Best Documentary Award Oscar This year, I have won six nominations for the Best feature documentary since 2014. very good! Let's go streaming.


Chef's table

Season 5 will return to September 28!

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It is pure visual poetry that focuses on the art of cooking. Each episode conveys the story of a world-famous chef. As a generally stoic person, I cried three times in my life with movies and TV programs. The first episode of the chef 's table telling Massimo Botoura and his wife' s love story made me cry on the sofa. You should do anything with it.

Dark Tourist

Metacureatic score: 70

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In this think tank, journalist David Farrier discusses "black sightseeing". It is that tourists visit deadly, tragic and violent sites. In the first episode, Farrier spends time with Pablo Escobar's own hitman and Farrier plays his own moral conflict between finding attractive and condemn killers. I do not like real crime to build my vacation itinerary around a serial killer but I am fascinated by those who do it.


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Best Netflix documentary of September of 2021

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