Netflix Releases Orson Welles' Latest Movie Trailer – News

On the other side of the wind there was a long and difficult journey.

In a sense, this is one of the last chapters of Orson Welles' long legend, and after making "Citizen Kane" (often quoted as The Best movie) and "The Magnificent Ambersons" In Europe, for several decades, we are collecting funds for projects such as "Midnight Chimes".

He shot the "opposite side of the wind" in the 1970s and even edited a part of the movie before financing ceased. Since his death in 1985, other supporters of Peter Bogdanovich and Welles tried to complete the movie but faced other legal and financial problems.

Until recently, Netflix was intervening to fund work. The involvement of the streaming giant has caused several additional problems. The absence of the Cannes Film Festival (last year passed the festival actually hindering Netflix movie participation), the film festival is Netflix November 2.

As further evidence, Netflix released the first trailer. Although this trailer is slightly encrypted, it can catch a glimpse of the legendary director who depicted the villain of the movie "China Town", the occasional actor, the reactionary director of Jack Hannaford played by John Houston .

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Netflix Releases Orson Welles' Latest Movie Trailer - News

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