Netflix Users Aren’t Happy With Video Ads Between Episodes

Nobody likes ads during regular shows and Netflix would try to insert promotional videos between episodes of a show. Clearly, few people would agree with the company. As TechCrunch reports, Netflix is testing this feature to run custom full-screen video ads based on the user’s viewing history. What makes the promotions more boring is that they replace the preview of the next episode of the current show, including the title, description, and thumbnail.

Users have taken Twitter and Reddit to file their complaints regarding the new boring test. The company responded by saying that this was a limited test run on a small percentage of its global audience. “The company’s goal is to improve the user experience by providing recommendations between episodes and reducing their discovery time.”

Netflix wants to go even higher than it is right now. The company is supposed to think about a new plan known as Ultra, reported Cnet. The new plan would allow four devices to receive a high-quality video and audio Ultra HD stream.

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