New Beyerdynamic headphones are designed to stay flat on your ears

Beyerdynamic yesterday announced a new headphone line at IFA. This will be available soon. Since the design of the bird line of the headphone is flat, it is not always that it extends beyond your ear if you are on your side.

The beginning of the collection is the entry level Beat Byrd earphone (above figure). They have an orange cable and look more standard than a flat case. Beyerdynamic claims an intense bass. Beat Byrd earpiece will be sold online for $ 2490 ($ 28.89) online on its website from late September.

Soul bird midrange headphone.
Image: Beyerdynamic

Blue Byrd premium headphones.
Image: Beyerdynamic

Beyerdynamic also produced a midrange Soul Byrd earphone using five types of earphones. In addition, since it comes with a 3-button remote control with built-in microphone, you can call Siri or Google Assistant while listening to music. The price of the Soul Byrd earphone is 79 euros ($ 91.65), which will be sold in the online store and shop in mid-October.

Finally, Blue Byrd is a Beyerdynamic wireless option wrapped around the neck. The company claims that headphones have a battery life of 6 hours with one charge and seems to be small compared to the cool down provided by Anchor's Soundcore audio brand. The Blue Byrd earphone has a USB Type-C port, which uses low latency audio codec …

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New Beyerdynamic headphones are designed to stay flat on your ears

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