New trailers: House of Cards, Halloween, etc.

New trailers: House of Cards, Halloween, etc.

I am reading pride and prejudice It is my first time since I greeted the fans of filming in 2005 for at least a few years. It is attractive to see the difference between books and movies (cut, moved, and how you applied multiple page descriptions to a dramatic scene). But what I was most impressed was how the performance of the actor could not be separated from the line I read on this page.

In various ways, I think it was like reading Shakespeare saw it – especially since the line is not entirely in contemporary English, in particular Jane Austin's dialogue is full of modest sarcasm and deliberate judgment . So having a performance and a voice in my mind, even if there was a unique dialogue of the book, everything was lively, as was not the case in my opinion.

I have not finished yet. But now everything is very dramatic and I am delighted to continue to find small differences in the way things go.

Please check out the 11 trailers this week.

A castle on the sand

Netflix is ​​happy to report that he dropped Kevin Spacey. This very short teaser in the last season A castle on the sand Claire Underwood stands in front of Frank's grave and insults her, but probably she is talking about Spacey. The final season will be announced on November 2.


Many, many unforgettable Halloween Suite and restart, Universal and Jamie Lee Curtis are …

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New trailers: House of Cards, Halloween, etc.

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