New trailers: Suspiria, Slice, Hold the Dark

New trailers: Suspiria, Slice, Hold the Dark

At the end of August, I thought it was one of my favorite times this year. It is not that my birthday is coming (please do not ask me, please do not ask me how old). That's because Halloween is nearby.

I grew up in a scary movie Freddie, Fighting spirit Or Friday 13 series. Later, I met like a classic Rosemary & # 39; Baby And L & # 39; ExorcistForeign films of great masters such as Dario Argento. But regardless of my age, I have never lost my love for the previous Halloween period. Anyway, in a crowded street wearing clothes, there is an idea of ​​clarity of air, rotation of leaves, walking. Who.

Probably it is anonymous. Perhaps he has the opportunity to impose himself on the dark side of human nature. Maybe I really like the scene's blood and black color. I have never really understood it.

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Remember when I mentioned Dario Argento. My first introduction to his work is the 1977 movie SuspiriaI went to a German dance academy and learned that a young lady had settled down. Well, it's a very bad thing. According to the expression of the latest trailer, Luke Guadanino's next remake (Please call me by your name) Uses the same principle as a starting point before plunging into his own form of insanity. What is particularly exciting? That score, along with Radiohead's Thom Yorke …

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New trailers: Suspiria, Slice, Hold the Dark

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