New Zealand City prohibits cats from saving birds

This week, in New Zealand's city of Omaha, banning cat birds was banned. Cats lovers are unhappy, but the proposal is not stupid enough to make it visible at a glance.

First of all, there are no plans to kill existing pets. Specifically, members of Omaoui's board of directors want owners to be neutral, register, microchip. That's enough. So they can live a natural life. But when they die, that is it. Residents are not allowed to get a new cat to replace the old one, but Garfield is safe while alive.

Second, this policy is legitimate. Cats kill birds, and from time to time these birds are in danger. John Collins, a member of the Omaui Land Care Charity Fund, says, "We do not dislike cats, but they desire a rich environment of wildlife.

Of course, many local residents and inhabitants of cats are unhappy. Some felt that they were "deceived", others feel necessary A cat for removing other rodents. Omauly resident Nico Jarvis told the police, "It's like a police officer." Otago Daily Times. "If I can not keep a cat, I do not live at home most of the time." Jarvis added that she would not follow the rules anyway. (According to this proposal, those who do not respect rules are warned and evilly, the cat will be removed at the burden of the owner).

It is correct to worry about rodents, but if they really can not survive the region it seems to be a health problem that the local government has to face.

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New Zealand City prohibits cats from saving birds

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