News: OS 5.0.1 coming today, fixes a bug with the Activity Rings

[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[update: OS 5.0.1 is now available.]

Just one week after the release of OS 5, Apple plans to release OS 5.0.0, which is the first minor update today. This is a small update aimed at solving some problems of the original version, such as bugs that caused some user exercise time to increase incorrectly.

Another problem that bothe red several users was a problem that prevented persistent tracking in the afternoon and this update aims to solve this problem as well. This update will be made available to all users at a later date. This version will be updated as it becomes available and will be updated if another patch or feature is found in the new version.

Release notes:

This update includes improvements and bugfixes including the following:

  • Fixed the problem which caused the fraction of exercise of a few users to increase.
  • Solved the problem some users did not receive booth credits in the afternoon.
  • Fixed an issue that Apple can not load.

If you would like to check the new features of Apple's major operating system updates, please check the following.

  • Apple released iOS 12.1, OS 5.1, first beta version of tvOS 12.1
  • iOS 12 now offers improved performance, faster screen display times, smarter notifications, and more
  • OS 5 for Apple is now available for podcasts and Walkie Talkie applications as well.
  • TvOS 12 for Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 4 K provides Dolby Atmos audio, screen saver updates, etc.
  • In the update of HomePod, several timers are added, iPhone search, call transfer and so on are done.
  • Shortcuts for iOS 12 will be available on the App Store and workflow

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