Nintendo Switch Online Ready To Launch Next Month

NINTENDO has announced Nintendo Switch Online, the next-generation subscription service of a very popular portable game console.

Paid service enables online play between Switch players including popular titles such as Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

There is also a cloud backup of recorded data that can be used in compatible games, allowing players to keep track of progress when switching to another switch unit, such as when purchasing from a computer. New unit.

In addition, this service "There is an increasing number of libraries of NES classic games (Nintendo Entertainment System) with online features at any time" I will show you how to improve the online experience of Nintendo Switch smartphone application. We can receive special offers, "says Nintendo.

Nintendo also notes that players with multiple switch consoles need to pay only one subscription as long as they are using the same Nintendo account using active Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions on different units confirmed.

The subscription service is $ 5.95 per month, $ 11.95 for 3 months, $ 29.95 per year.

The start of the service implies the end of the free online game for the switch owner but Nintendo guaranteed the player not to be automatically charged for the subscription to be launched next month.

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