Nokia’s Most Awaited Phone Isn’t The Nokia 9

Nokia’s Most Awaited Phone Isn’t The Nokia 9

Last week, Nokia announced that it will unveil its “most anticipated phone” on August 21, leading many people to believe that the flagship product of Nokia 9 may well be on the horizon. According to new information, however, it seems that the event is actually related to a device already announced: the Nokia 6.1 Plus.

While many people would say that the most anticipated smartphone of the brand is, in fact, its flagship model, the brand claims that its consumers “asked for it” coincides with the Nokia 6.1 Plus. After all, the Finnish-based brand’s customers were heard earlier this year after the Nokia X6 was introduced in China. On top of that, it seems that the online retailer Flipkart could also play a major role in the Indian version of the smartphone after republishing the Nokia teaser video on its own website.

The musician Shankar Mahadevan sings Nokia’s iconic icon in the teaser and alludes to a launch on August 21st. As a reminder, the Nokia X6 was also spotted on the support page in India, about a month ago, thus switching an imminent launch. The Nokia 6.1 Plus was launched in Hong Kong on the international markets and its price is 2,288 HKD (around 20,100 rs).

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